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Ancestral Health Symposium 2014

See also my thoughts on the presentations

The fourth annual Ancestral Health Symposium was held at the University of California, Berkeley, Aug. 7-9, 2014. The fact it was so close to Sacramento, where I live, made it possible for me to attend for the first time, and take Amtrak to get there.

I had gotten an ICD/pacemaker one week before so was not supposed to lift much with my left arm. For a public university in one of the world centers of political correctness, UCB and specifically the dorms where I stayed are remarkably unaccessible. My room was up two flights of stairs. No elevator. No one to help me. The outsides of the dorms were charming. The insides looked like a minimum security prison. Cold and sterile.

The dorms were a long way from where the symposium was held . . . and up a steep hill. There were three rooms used for the presentations and one was about six blocks from the others, making it hard for those of us using ancestral principles to recover from illnesses and injuries to get back and forth between the presentations. The lunch dinning hall was also far away. Yes, I know lots of the attendees were in fantastic health. Some of us were not.

My thoughts on the presentations