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Thai "Penicillin"

Thai soup

You probably have heard of "Jewish Penicillin" - chicken soup. I take the "Jewish penicillin" route for colds. But generally I do "Thai penicillin" - tom yum gai.

You can find authentic recipes online. But I substitute lemon and lime juice for lemon grass and kefir lime (although I have a kefir lime tree in my yard) to increase the vitamin C. Also, I throw in shiiitake mushrooms, plenty of ginger and fresh tomatoes. If you don't normally have hot peppers or fish sauce, be careful.

Really, one of the most important things is to sip hot fluids all day. My colds now last only a few days. [Also, take lots of vitamin D3. Maybe 40,000 IU/day.]

The recipe is not precise nor authentic. You are sick. You probably don't want to worry about authenticity. And you won't taste the subtle differences anyway.


Throw it all in a pot and simmer until the chicken is done - white inside. About 20 minutes. Top with cilantro and diced red bell pepper.

Tom Kha Gai - Thai penicillin with coconut milk - is wonderful too. Coconut milk has it's own healing powers. Equal parts broth and coconut milk - not the lite stuff - yuck. Might leave out the tomatoes. Whatever sounds good.

Photo Credit: Tom Yum Soup © Jingjaialot | Dreamstime.com