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Vegetarian or Vegan Ancestral Health

So far as we know, no society has ever been vegan. If there was one, they died out quickly. Long term, you cannot be a healthy vegan. Veganism will eventually destroy your health.

There have been vegetarian societies, e.g. in India. The main guru I follow is Mark Sisson, the founder of Primal. His wife Carrie was raised a vegetarian. She eventually started eating some seafood. In the last year, she has started eating a little meat. She feels healthier. Their son is a life long lacto/ovum vegetarian. He is very healthy. You can do vegetarian Primal, but it is difficult.

If you are vegetarian for ethical reasons, I understand. Like many followers of Primal, I have been vegetarian and even vegan. I was a fairly strict macrobiotic vegan for about three years. Can a vegetarian do Primal? Yes, you can. It is not a high protein plan. The Primal Blueprint is not a diet. It is a whole lifestyle.

You do need protein and saturated fat. You can get saturated fat from coconut oil and nuts, and of course eggs and dairy. You don't have to get protein from meat. But meat can be raised in an ethical way that enriches the earth and provides excellent nutrition. You can argue about how much animal food paleolithic people ate. They did eat meat, all the way back to our chimpanzee-like earliest ancestors. Vegetarianism is not paleolithic.

Veganism: This philosophy is based on completely incorrect ideas and is morally wrong. I encourage you to read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. Here is Mark Sisson's review and here is the first chapter. Keith is a former evangelistic vegan whose mental and physical health were destroyed by veganism. I realize that most vegans just want to do their yoga and work in their organic gardens in peace. But some are violently vicious. Two nazi vegan a**holes attacked Keith with shaving cream pies laced with cayenne pepper. Mind you, she is fairly crippled from her years of being vegan. A**holes!

When another vegan evangelist, Tasha, decided to start eating meat and published the blog article Vegan No More, she received many death threats such as the threat to kill her sadistically in front of her family. Tasha took down Vegan No More. But you can read an interview with Tasha here. Read about the psychotic tidal wave of viciousness from "peace loving vegans." You can also find copies of Vegan No More online if you look.

Lacto and/or ovum vegetarian: You may get tired of eggs and dairy, but you can do it. Beans can provide protein, although they are not as good a source of it as meat. Be sure to use the traditional soaking method. Think about adding oysters and other shell fish. So far as I can see, they are not much different from plants. They have no central nervous system. On the other hand, plants do react to injury.